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Curved Furniture Is Taking Over

Curved Furniture Is Taking Over

When we decorate and fill our homes with furniture, we often go for the straight and familiar type of furniture. After all, there’s nothing wrong with more linear looking furniture— it aligns with and runs parallel to the walls and other clean framed pieces like coffee tables or console tables. But in 2019, we’re noticing a clear uprising in the unconventional when it comes to interior design. Trending furniture these days is no longer confined to the same silhouettes we’ve seen for decades, we’re now seeing an increase in curved furniture that thinks a bit more outside the box.

Planning to make a few changes to your space and looking to breathe some new life into a lackluster room? Looked to curved pieces to do this with ease. Curved sofas are arguably the most popular item of furniture in this shape on the rise, and it’s easy to see why. There is a distinct influence of surrealism that comes from the shape, and it provides a playful feeling that balances out a room that feels too cold. You’ll also have to take note of how the piece sits in your room, as you’ll likely have to make use of the area in the room differently. Be sure to readjust where you place your sofa, perhaps moving it to a corner instead of lining it parallel with a wall.

It can be seen as a bold move to swap out your traditional sofa for a curved version, so never fear—there are other alternatives. Curved chairs are another fresh idea in the interior design world. They’re more compact than a sofa, making them easier to integrate into a room, and also providing enough space where the unique shape won’t give you trouble fitting it into the room. Look to chairs that feel like they surround you with a rounded silhouette, and you’ll surely feel the ambiance of the room change to feel more modern and fluid. Look to pieces adorned in plush velvets for a look our designers love, that screams modern luxury.

Abstract and curved shapes can also be incorporated into smaller pieces, like lamps, coffee tables, and pillows. While the curved coffee table is not a new development, you can look to shapes that are a bit more abstract, like a kidney shape, to further emphasize this curved aesthetic. Table lamps and floor lamps that feature curved structures or globe shaped lights can add a sleek modernism to the space that is unparalleled, and still fits in with the desired effect. Add a few bolster pillows to your sofas or chairs to round it out, and you’ll feel right at home in your newly decorated space.

Why Water Restoration Services are Important After a Plumbing Flood

Why Water Restoration Services are Important After a Plumbing Flood

Many people think about natural disasters when they think about flooding. However, storms are not the only thing that can cause a major flood in your home. A serious plumbing problem, such as a problem with a main plumbing pipe or one of your appliances, can lead to serious flooding in your home as well. If you and your family experience a plumbing-related flood, it’s important to hire a company that specializes in water restoration Portland OR right away. This is true for a few reasons.

You Can Save a Lot of Money

You might already have to hire a plumber to come in and help with the plumbing problem that caused the flooding in the first place, and you could be worried about spending additional money on hiring a water restoration company. However, you can actually save a lot of money by hiring one of these companies. This is because acting fast and hiring a water restoration company is a good way to salvage your home and a lot of the belongings that might otherwise be ruined by the water.

You Can Make Sure Your Home is Safe

Depending on the flooding problem, your home might be dangerous after a flood. Your electrical wiring could get wet, for example, or your flooring could rot out and cause you or a family member to fall through. A water restoration company can come in and make sure that your home is safe so that you and your family members will not get hurt.

You Can Begin Recovering from the Flood Quickly

A flood in your home can cause a lot of problems, but you are probably hoping that you and your family can recover right away. Flooding clean-up is hard work and can be very time-consuming. By hiring a water restoration company, though, you can get the job done faster so that you and your family can begin enjoying your home again after the flood. Water restoration services are important after a plumbing-related flood. Along with hiring a plumber to come in and help with your plumbing problem, you may want to hire a team of water damage restoration professionals to come and help you get your home back into good shape, too.

Three Things You Can Do to Be Productive This Week

Three Things You Can Do to Be Productive This Week

Aside from weight loss and fitness goals, an increase in productivity is the most made resolution every New Year. However, like other resolutions, this one is often left in the dust, but there are ways you can increase your weekly productivity now. No need to wait to make yourself a promise in the New Year.

Read up on the following article get an idea of how you can be productive throughout each week.

Make a Literal List of the Things You Have to Do in a Week, Then Make Another List of the Things You WANT to Do

What do you have to do this week? Clean the garage, take out the trash, call a moving company Jacksonville FL for your move in a few months, and mop the bathroom floors? Write it down. What do you want to do? Get a pedicure, catch up on a television show, and go out for a drink with your best friend? Write that down too. Now pair up these lists to make a chore and rewards chart for yourself. If you do this, then you can do this—and so on. Juvenile? Perhaps. Effective? You bet.

Make Your Mornings or Late Nights a Chance to Focus on Yourself with Meditation and You Time

Your mornings and late nights are the best YOU time that you can get because, more than likely, everyone else in your household is asleep or off doing their own things. So, revel in the time you have alone. You can either meditate in the traditional way, like deep breathing and yoga. Or you can take the peaceful route of simply sitting down with a cup of coffee or wine and letting your nerves unwind.

Complete the Most Challenging Tasks Before You Hit the Dreaded Mid-Day Slumps

One of the best ways to tackle being productive is to plan everything you HAVE to do for the early mornings. Use your post-sleep energy to get everything you need to get done finished before you’re hit with the dreaded mid-day slump. That way when those sleepy feelings come around, you can take a nap and not have to worry about what you did and didn’t accomplish. Guilt-free naptimes are the best.

5 Reasons Why Quartz is the Only Way to Go

5 Reasons Why Quartz is the Only Way to Go

When you are looking at adding new countertops to your home, the choices are almost endless. In the end, the only way to go is with quartz countertops Tampa FL. If there is any doubt, just check out these five great reasons why quartz is the only choice for new countertops.

1. There is Just Something About the Look of Quartz

You want your countertops to be functional, but if we’re all being honest here, you likely want your new countertops to shine when you have guests over. Even if you don’t entertain often, you have to wake up and look at these countertops all day and night that you live in your home. Do you want to be reminded of a horrible decision or see beautiful quartz?

2. The Strength That Binds

When people think of quartz countertops, they tend to think of large slabs of quartz simply cut for counters. Quartz is actually made up of mostly ground quartz mixed with binding and coloring agents. These bonding agents give the quartz material more strength than it would have on its own. This will give you more durability and greater life expectancy for your countertops.

3. Quartz is Much More Cost-Effective Than You Think

Remodeling any part of your home is not a cheap task. Thinking about your budget may seem like a hindrance, but quartz is cheap enough to fit many budgets and the durability it provides will save money down the road.

4. Low-Maintenance is the Best Maintenance

The last thing anybody wants to do is worry about repairing and maintining their countertops. With a new quartz countertop, you don’t have to worry about any sort of maintenance or care instructions. Simply use a little soap and water and you’re good.

5. No Bacteria is Good Bacteria

Quartz countertops tend to have less bacteria growth on them. This is due in part to the way they are manufactured and makes quartz countertops ideal for food preparation.

How to Get Away From Drinking Chemically Treated Water

How to Get Away From Drinking Chemically Treated Water

Increasing reports of unhealthy and dangerous drinking water in cities all across the country make many people resort to finding alternative sources of drinking water. rilling your own well is one way to defeat the problem and bring fresh, safe drinking water to your family.

Plan to Install a Fresh Water Well

One way to get away from water that comes from locally sourced water treatment plants is to install a fresh water well. You can access some of the freshest and good-tasting water found anywhere in the country in the state of New York. You and your family can get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy without the chemical additives.

Sanitary Drilling Process

You can trust the results of a well drilling process that is both sanitary and guards against the addition of any contaminants. It will provide you with good, clean drinking water all year long. It’s safe enough to drink, bathe in, and use on gardens to grow fresh foods.

Enjoy Fresh Water Free of Harmful Heavy Metals and Chemical Treatment

More chemical additives and contamination is found increasingly in city water supplies. The heavy metals and chemicals can cause illness and developmental problems in young children. The best way to safeguard your family is to invest having access to well water New York residents need for maintaining good health.

Quit Paying for Unhealthy Water

The expense for operating a well is very little past the initial drilling cost. You can feel great that your money no longer goes to pay for water that is unhealthy to drink. You will notice a difference in quality from the first day.

Water is essential for life that should be safe for you and your family to drink. Depending on city and county water sources is not always the best option. INstalling your own private well is one way to ensure you are getting the water you need, minus the added chemicals you don’t.

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

5 Tips for Remodeling Your Kitchen

Are you tired of bumping elbows with your spouse as you cook? Would you love to have a big kitchen island where the whole family can gather for breakfast? Your wishes don’t have to languish in daydreams. Here are just five tips for remodeling your kitchen and creating the space that you’ve always wanted.

1. Plan Ahead

You don’t have to be an architect to draw up some blueprints of what you want. While you might decide to leave the exact measuring to your contractors, you can help them understand your vision by providing pictures.

2. Ask the Experts

Speaking of contractors, you won’t want to attempt a kitchen remodel on your own. Even if you plan on DIYing certain tasks, it’s good to have a contractor on speed dial so that you can ask them questions and get their advice about whatever you’re doing.

3. Draft a Budget

It’s critically important to have a budget when you’re renovating your kitchen. Expenses can get out of hand when pipes, drains and water lines are involved, so you’ll want to know your bottom line before you start agreeing to procedures.

4. Know What You Want

In the same vein as the above, since it can be so easy to lose sight of your original vision, it’s good to have a checklist of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your remodel. Even if it’s as simple as installing new cabinets Greensburg PA, having goals can keep you on track.

5. Figure Out Your Theme

What are the common elements of your kitchen design? Do the colors come together? Do the fixtures have the same aesthetic? Don’t be afraid to rock the look that you’ve created. You only have one kitchen, so make it say something.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you remodel your kitchen. As you can see, there’s more to the process than simply pointing your contractors at your cabinets, so take your time and plan things carefully. You’ll want your future kitchen to be the stuff of your dreams!

Saving Money On Your New Office Space

Saving Money On Your New Office Space

You just started your new business and signed a lease for your first office space. As with most new businesses, your budget is limited but your new office needs are many. There are plenty of ways you can get your office ready without spending a small fortune.

Save On Office Furniture

One of your biggest office expenses is furniture, and that is where used office furniture can come in and save the day. There are many stores in your area that sell pre-owned office furniture that will allow you to save a lot of money and still get the quality furniture you need.

Consider Allowing Telecommunting

More and more large corporations are allowing employees to work from home to save on office space and office resources. This is called telecommuting, and it can be an excellent way for you to grow your business without having to invest in new office space. As you get your business started, you can use telecommuting to free up space for product development and other needs.

Be Vigilant About Resources

Find a temperature for your office that everyone can agree on and keep your office that temperature all year round. If 68 degrees is good for the summer, then it will work in the winter too. You should also be vigilant about making sure that lights and computers are turned off in areas where they are not being used.

Consider A Cloud-Based Network

As your business grows, so will your computing needs. You could start investing in expensive servers and desktop computers to get your network started, but that sort of in-house network leads to more expensive components down the road. Instead, you should invest in a cloud-based network where you and your employees access all of your company files through a secure Internet connection. A cloud-based network removes the need for servers and expensive computer rooms, and it also allows you to give access to satellite offices anywhere in the world.

When you are opening your first office, the costs of overhead are always on your mind. With some smart decisions, you can keep overhead down and still get your employees the resources they need to be successful.

Simple Ways to Completely Change Your Bedroom’s Style

Simple Ways to Completely Change Your Bedroom’s Style

Your bedroom should be an oasis where you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. This room should be decorated in a way that makes you feel comfortable and proud. Unfortunately, most people neglect the bedroom. It always seems more important to spend the time and money for decorating in the main rooms that everyone sees. Do yourself a favor and make just one change to your bedroom. You’ll be surprised at the impact it will make.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint is an inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of a room in one simple step. Choose a neutral color or a pastel that makes you feel relaxed. Neutrals go with just about any style of home decor, and they allow you to change your bedding and accessories from time to time.

New Floors

New floors can make everything else in the room look fresh. You have several options when it comes to flooring. Carpeting provides you with another opportunity to add color, and it is soft under bare feet. Hand scraped flooring has a more elegant look, and it is ideal for a colonial or rustic style.

New Bedding

You can simply switch out your comforter or purchase an entire bedding set. You can find several bedding sets in the department stores or from online retailers that are already coordinated. These sets usually include a comforter, bed skirt, pillow shams, and possibly a matching throw pillow. Window treatments and area rugs are often sold separately in matching patterns and colors.

Whether you decide to paint the walls, purchase new flooring, or simply buy new bedding, you will love the impact it makes. Your bedroom will once again feel special, and you will look forward to retreating to it at the end of the day. Regardless of which change you choose, keep in mind that you are creating a peaceful area to rest in. You’ll be glad you did.

A Custom Horse Barn

A Custom Horse Barn

When you are in the market for a horse barn MA, know that you can have a high-quality one custom built for you that will be the ideal answer for the taking care of and safety of your prized equines and be long-lasting.

There is a variety of horse barns that can be used throughout New England to withstand the extreme and sometimes wicked weather including heavy rain or snow, strong winds, and bright sun. You want a way to protect your precious horses.

Lean-to horse protection

These are built with a large front overhang so that the horses can stand underneath it in order to be out of inclement weather. The stalls remain dry and have lots of room so that a horse can be comfortable. These can even be customized with the addition of a storage or tack room at one or both ends.

Run-In Shed

Horses have protection from the weather, whether it means shade from the sun or shelter from rain. These barns are perfect for breeding stock or pastured horses.

How Storage Sheds are Delivered

Fully Assembled

A “MULE” forklift allows delivery without having a loaded truck and trailer drive over your property and possibly create lawn damage. The barn would be unloaded on the street or on your driveway. Two dolly flotation tires would be placed under one end of the barn while the MULE would support the other end. Now the driver can maneuver the structure onto the prepared site.

Assembled On-Site

This can be a choice, or it may become a necessity if the team cannot access the location with a fully assembled structure. The team of highly-qualified builders would then assemble it right on your property.

Who Can Do All This?

Chapin Sheds is an example of a family-owned company with a no-pressure sales team that you can trust to create the exact type of custom heavy-duty and durable horse barn that you desire. It will have unique features, real wood building materials, engineered wood products that are premium treated, modern distinct colors and trims, and more.

How to Take Control of an Infested, Abandoned Shed

How to Take Control of an Infested, Abandoned Shed

Whether you’re cleaning your elderly parents’ property or investigating a recently purchased home, few things will make you as uncomfortable as a forgotten shed that’s filled with lots of pests. When a shed is not used frequently, especially in sheds that are strictly used for storage, a variety of insects will inhabit it as a safe home. Since they are protected from precipitation, wind, and cold weather, they will continue to increase in number as time goes on.

Cleaning: Eliminating Hiding Spots and Nesting Areas

The first thing that needs to be done is a thorough deep cleaning. All participating individuals should be wearing gloves, masks, tucked long-sleeved shirts, pants tucked into tube socks, and preferably boots. Any hair should be pulled back and secured. In this odd outfit, potentially problematic insects (such as the Brown Recluse) will have a harder time climbing into clothing and biting. Remove all clutter from the shed, and clean any items that will be returned to it to remove webs, nests, live insects, eggs, or larvae. Clean and dust all surfaces, getting rid of any existing webs, food sources, and loose debris. This will make the shed less hospitable and help to wipe out the existing population.

Using Pesticides and Traps

Once the shed is empty, grab applicable pesticides and pest control sprayer equipment in order to spray the building for any remaining pests. Be sure to place traps for spiders or mice, and bait stations for ants. You will need to repeat this process more often than normal in the beginning, until pest populations are under control.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Every 3 to 6 months, be sure to clean the building again. A great schedule would be to clean approximately 1 week after the first hard frost of the year to get rid of overwintering insects and their eggs, once two weeks after the last spring frost, and at least once more during the summer. Check bait stations and traps at least once a month, and reapply or replace as necessary.

If a shed is cleaned routinely, pests can be kept at a minimum. Spiders tend to be one of the most common shed pests, with mice being quite problematic during colder months.