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Installing A Paper Faced Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Installing A Paper Faced Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Q. I’m getting ready to buy backer board for a ceramic tile undertaking. There are differing types on the market, and I’m somewhat confused. Which backer boards would you use and which would you keep away from? You’ve mentioned utilizing cement backer board; do you still feel that is one of the best product? Also, please share any backer board set up tips.

Increase the sturdiness of your floor masking installation by making certain that your subfloor is correctly prepared. CUSTOM® Flooring Installation Systems provide a strong foundation for nearly any venture, and deliver Basement Flooring optimum performance when used underneath all types of floor coverings: carpet, wooden, vinyl and more. Locate the 1 1/4-inch mounting holes in order that the middle of the seize bar fastener slides into the holes.

Using redgard over seams and penetrations in fiberock will do nothing – the face of the board isn’t waterproof like the goboard is. I would strongly counsel, since your bathe is ‘enclosed’ to a large diploma, that you fully redgard all of the fiberock or use goboard there as properly. While the water won’t technically be a difficulty, trapped steam will and it may well get by unsealed fiberock.

Depending on the specifications of your undertaking, you may also want to rent a plumber , though in case you decide to stay to a simpler solution that doesn’t want any extra plumbing, the tile professional (or an experienced handyman) can deal with the installation of the bathe unit without hesitation. Yet, many tasks require hiring a plumber who will cost you in the vary of $25 to $sixty five per hour. Bear in mind that sticking to a licensed plumber will make you are feeling extra comfortable and assured in regards to the high quality of the delivered work.

Start setting the sector tiles on the backside of the vertical heart line. Place the edge of the primary tile right on the road and ensure the base of the tile is parallel with the sting of the counter (or present 4-inch backsplash), leaving simply sufficient room for a bead of caulk. Firmly press the tile into the mastic. Then continue setting tiles, understanding in both directions from the center line. Continue with the next rows up till you reach the row towards the cupboards or one requiring ornamental tiles.

If the bathe liner is properly sloped, water will then be rapidly re-directed back to the bathe drain, passing by means of weep holes situated just above the bathe liner at the clamp drain assembly. Now you need to flip your trowel over and comb thinset onto the back of the tile. Combing” thinset is one other term I use often – it just Living Room Design means using the notched facet of your trowel to, effectively, comb the little lines all in the same course. That is – look ahead to it – Photo 5. You are not allowed to offer me crap about my lack of photo labeling originality!

If you are working with an existing tile wall, you have got two decisions. Remove the tile and put together the wall in line with the corresponding directions above, or tile over the present tile. Isolate the slab concrete from your first mud layer with a membrane – asphalt roofing felt (tar paper to some), a layer of paint on water barrier or simlar. This membrane will provide an bond isolation from the slab, permit the pan to remedy properly (keeping the moisture within the mud while it’s curing) and supply a barrier from extra moisture moving up out of the slab.

How To Build Shower Pans

How To Build Shower Pans

We could have simply bought another shower insert for a few hundred dollars however we felt like it would have been money wasted since we planned on tiling at some point anyway.  I received a bid from a contractor and the estimate was over $6000…actually out of our budget!!

It’s widespread to add a listello or ornamental stripping to make a wall of tile more interesting, and the owners have opted for a glass tile stripe. Rick reduce the mesh backing to create items four rows excessive. Next, dry lay the tile panels, together with any decorative borders, to see the best way it is going to set vertically on the wall. This means that you can see what number of panels can match, where you should make cuts and the place you should start setting.

Since water tends to run downhill you will want to make it possible for the tile drain is on the lowest point. Typically the drain is dead in the middle however you can put it anyway as long as it is within the lowest spot. The important factor is to start inserting your mortar at the drain and work your out and up. Typically ¼” per foot is the amount of slope required to get the water to cooperate. Firstly – Happy New Year. The toilet Decor Ideas is beginning to really shape up and the tiling is trying actually, actually good – I particularly love the flooring. Can’t wait to see the completed product. Firmly connect your tiles. Press them into the tile adhesive on the wall, utilizing a stage to verify they’re even. Push them a number of times to ensure they are secured to the wall.

Spread the liner materials from the drain physique outward, towards the side framing and the curb so it lays flat on the ground. Fold the corners and nail or staple the liner to the sidewall framing or wall studs. Fasten half of inch below the higher fringe of the fabric. Work your way around the perimeter of the liner, fastening it into the framing. Lap the edge of the liner utterly over the bathe curb and nail it to the surface fringe of the curb.

Remove all the switch plates and outlet covers from the backsplash. Hand-sand the wall with 80-grit sandpaper to roughen the painted surface, then wipe off the mud with a moist rag. Measure and mark the exact heart of the room’s visible focus Living Room Furniture on the counter degree (right here, it’s the vary). Using a pointy pencil and a 2-foot level, draw a wonderfully plumb beginning line through the center mark.

How To Tile A Shower (With Pictures)

How To Tile A Shower (With Pictures)

Tasks the place talent is important (seems like a toilet rework to me) may be achieved. MAY? Only might?!? That’s not a very confidence-inspiring fortune. Good factor we appear to be doing more than maybe” accomplishing our latest rest room initiatives.

A leaky faucet is an all too frequent plumbing drawback that each house owner faces. Learn the way to fix it yourself. Also – it is probably additionally value subscribing to the local freecycle for constructing supplies. We’ve put extras on there after a undertaking Kitchen Renovation is completed when it isn’t price going through the trouble of Craigslist. You might need heard about rectified tiles and wondered if these mechanically minimize materials don’t require grout for the installation.

As I mentioned simply yesterday on one other blog, my dream is to construct 300-600 square foot units. If they may very well be built at $75-$100/sq. foot, so many people would be capable of afford housing, without having an albatross. Make positive you employ the weld glue and caulking sealant that complies with the liner material. If not some chemicals will utterly break one another down in case your not careful. Make positive to always round up. Add an extra 10-15 percent to your whole square footage to ensure you have sufficient supplies in case of chips, breakage, or slicing errors. Make last changes to each sheet to make sure the joints line up correctly. This must be completed earlier than the adhesive dries.

Read the bundle instructions clearly so that you get an concept of the setting time- and mix your grout in small batches. You don’t need it to begin to go exhausting earlier than you may have time to use it. The texture of your mixed grout ought to be not too runny and never dry and crumbly- type of like the consistency of cheez whiz or peanut butter. Just don’t Kitchen Interior gown your celery with it. Place the drain base to cowl the hole of the drain pipe. Weld the drain base to the pipe using a welding solvent. The drain base and drain pipe should be saved in thoughts whereas choosing the solvent. In this image, tile spacers are getting used to apply the tile in a brick pattern. Notice the adhesive, the tape measure and the pace sq. — make use of those during set up!

Build the shelf 1/eight in. narrower than the opening so you possibly can tip it into place. Leave off the plywood top but add backer board to the underside. Rest the shelf on the sphere tile and screw it to the blocking behind the backer board with two three-in. screws at either side. Then screw the three/4-in. plywood top to the framing with 1-5/8-in. screws (Photo thirteen) and add the backer board to the highest and the front edge.

This job took place because the original bathe set up failed, leaking badly. When the old bathe pan was eliminated, we decided that your entire tiled bathe had to be replaced. The original builder had made several critical errors that resulted in the failure of the bathe pan. We’ll point out these errors. Try and buy some exterior corners to patch over the inside curb after placing the liner patch on the wall. If not not less than lower some liner materials and make your own patch. Use the identical glue (weld) to attach the curb items and finish with the adhesive sealant. I’m glad we used the steel edging. It gives a pleasant, clear end and stored our edges degree and straight.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Prices & Cost For Supply & Install

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Prices & Cost For Supply & Install

The backsplash space within the kitchen performs a significant position within the design outlook of the house. When adorning a kitchen, it’s best to do it your self so that you Bathroom Remodel just create it as you would like it to be. Installing a tile backsplash is a simple procedure consisting of few steps and using some common tools.

The cool part is, it did not actually cost much to construct. Those floor-to-ceiling travertine tiles, dark slate, river rock floor stones, and even the deal with and valve set had been all discovered on Craigslist at a deep low cost. The shampoo nook which keeps your spouse’s shaving razors from messing together with your personal house is just a few additional cuts on the tile noticed. And the sloped pan that allows water to run to the drain was customized Dining Room Furniture made from plain outdated concrete and masonry combine, at a fraction of the price of even an off-the-shelf plastic showerpan. And yet, the entire thing took only some days of work to create from a clean plywood-and-studs slate (which in flip I made from the even blanker slate of what was previously unused house in their carport).

Locate the point of interest of your tile pattern. This will truly depend on the design you need to obtain. Some select to search out the middle of the wall and begin their tile pattern from there, whereas others select a focal point akin to a stove or a sink faucet. One key tip to contemplate is to start your tile pattern on the most viewable part of the wall. Lay-out from backside to the top. The prime is usually hidden under the cupboards and this may make cut tile much less seen within the design.

The other factor I would do, and possibly a very powerful is seal the backer board you plan to use with a paint on water barrier like red-gard or hydro-ban. Cement backer boards are very permeable to water. Not realizing your shower liner state of affairs would make me anxious about water passing via the bottom space of the backer board and presumably shifting into your walls. For $30 or so, you can buy a bucket paint on water barrier and provides the bottom half (or all) of your backer board a coat or two. Now you could have a water proof barrier that will help preserve water out of your walls. Then simply set up them as recommended in #2 above. Add tile and caulk the nook.

We hunted down a wall tile bit for our Dremel and located that it reduce the tile pretty nicely. The packaging doesn’t point out wetting the tile or the bit, however we did each simply in case (though I really do not assume it was crucial). Mix sufficient to work in a small space. Apply the grout with a rubber float. Work it into the joints by dragging the float in a diagonal motion. After about ten minutes, wipe away the surplus with a moist sponge. Try to not wipe the grout out of the joints. Continue grouting in small sections till the whole wall is finished.

To preserve the first row (and all that follow) level, tack a 1x batten to the backerboard one full tile width above the bathtub. Cover the bathtub with heavy paper to guard it from harm it might incur as you tile the wall. As Qualified Labor, CTIs know that the typical mortar coverage for tile put in in dry areas is eighty% and ninety five% in wet areas. Natural stone tile requires 95% protection in both moist and dry areas with no voids within two inches of the corners. Use a screwdriver to again the bolt out of the fastener until the top of it is flush with the nut on the reverse finish of the fitting.

What at all times amazes me, irrespective of the mission, regardless of the supplies you might be using, the identical ideas apply: begin sq., lower square, take your time and be exact, don’t skip steps, work together with your materials, suppose ahead. If you are able to do that and use a saw, you are able to do pretty much any DIY challenge round your own home. Stains on stone, tile or grout happen simply – and may leave everlasting stains. Protect your floor towards both oil-based mostly and water-based mostly stains with the right sealer. Start with a robust design concept, after which you may simply turn your imaginative and prescient into a reality with slightly hard work. Here are the steps to install a backsplash in your guest toilet.

Installing Tile Backsplash

Installing Tile Backsplash

If your subsequent bathroom transform features a tub or prefab fiberglass shower base, then the installation is going to be fairly simple. But, when you’re considering of putting in a tile shower floor, you’ve bought some selections to make on the subject of your methodology of installation. All of the strategies will work, but the one you select will be dictated by how a lot labor you’re keen to place in (or pay for), and how custom you need the job to be.

Double-check all tiles to verify they are staying in place. When you are happy that they’re, let the thinset dry fully. Congratulations! You’re just one step away from finishing your tiled tub encompass / bathe! It’s trying lovely. Be positive to take a look at our tutorial for grouting and sealing the grout to finish your challenge. When installing the backer board to incorporate the underside edge within the bathe pan, you solely want to put in the decrease pieces of the backer board as this time. Once the bathe pan is completed, you may then set up the remaining backer board. Thanks for using the location. If you are building your bathe immediately on concrete you do not need tar paper. But a bathtub-shower conversion is a financial commitment — and you don’t need to make a dear mistake.

Does the bathe pan use any form of cement or is there a specific form I should use for the pan. Also I was originally planning on framing a curb and making it with concrete but I like the best way you probably did. Do you place Sweet Home backerboard right over it to tile? Thanks for the help! There are a number of options along with tile for enticing backsplashes. Slab” backsplashes, for instance, supply a smooth, continuous look.

Begin by laying out an previous towel or sheet over your countertop for protection. Starting on the underside row at an outer nook, wipe a layer of mastic onto the wall with a putty knife. Go barely larger than the tile peak. Tip: Work row by row in 3′-4′ sections for best outcomes. All of our carpet & vinyl ground set up products are sold solely at Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers nationwide. Check out our Where to Buy web page to discover a Lowe’s location close to you. P.S. If you are doing a DIY bathroom rework in 2018 check out Bathroom Repair Tutor , you will not be disillusioned with the videos and one-on-one assist.

So, for the sake of your sanity, you sometimes must dip your hand into projects that can be finished shortly and provide eye-popping results. Backsplashes are simply that kind of mission: fast, stunning, practical, and sure, instantly gratifying. Add galvanized mesh or stucco wire to the underside Grand Home of the shower pan, The mesh will reinforce base ground mud layer of mortar and assist hold the mortar to the bathe curb. A. Barrier free bathe pans don’t include the integrated curb to permit easy access for folks in wheel chairs or anyone with restricted mobility.

We suggest replacing drainage pipes with diameter less than 50 mm. This stands out as the case in renovation projects, the place there a shower tray has been put in. First connect the bathe drain to the drainage pipe and make sure that the drain pipe has ample slope. Slide the drain in the connector, it’s not mandatory to connect this, as the connector offers enough sealing. Check the watertightness of the bathe drain and connection to the sewer to get rid of leaks.

How To Install Mosaic Tile On A Shower Floor

How To Install Mosaic Tile On A Shower Floor

My movers moved up the transferring day to TODAY. So, I’ll be scurrying round like loopy getting at the least my furnishings and packing containers moved in at this Basement Remodeling time.  I’ll be spending the night in my new room tonight. 🂠Can you believe the day has lastly arrived? I can’t!

Step 9: Seal the Grout. Seal the grout for easier cleanup later. For the very best outcomes, follow the directions for the precise sealer used. Danny Lipford: Installing a backsplash is relatively straightforward, and people typically assume that applying tile to any wall requires the identical course of. But a bathtub or bathe enclosure may be very totally different due to the fixed moisture it endures.

A prepared-to-use elastomeric membrane for each industrial and residential tile and stone utility. Suited for inside and exterior substrates, RedGard® creates a steady waterproofing barrier with outstanding adhesion and reduces crack transmission in tile and stone floors. It bonds on to metallic drains, PVC, stainless-steel and ABS drain assemblies and can be used as a slab-on-grade moisture vapor barrier underneath all forms of ground coverings.

The Poured Showerpan could look like an elusive and tricky job, but the entire thing is about 4 hours of labor from start to end as soon as you’re employed out the kinks (and still below 8 even the primary time). After that, it will take you one other eight-sixteen hours to tile and grout the rest of the bathe and its curb. For many DIY dwelling renovators, studying this talent it’s an funding with huge returns.

The box of grout I bought had the clearest directions I had ever seen! I bought two containers however only ended up utilizing one. It’s at all times simpler to purchase an excessive amount of and return the additional in your next journey to the store than it is to must run out and purchase extra while you’re coated in grout. Grout permits House Decorating you to masks the variations in tile sizes and management the end result. In reality, even the smallest lines could make the tiles match perfectly with each other, giving the final consequence a nice symmetrical look. Nevertheless, some householders forgo that $15 labor price per hour and install their shower tile themselves.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to tile as properly. First and foremost, the preliminary tile shower price shouldn’t be low-cost. As you saw above, some tile costs as a lot as $57/sf. In terms of durability, numerous finishes of some shiny tiles may simply scratch, and glazing can eventually wear off Unglazed and delicate-stone tile equivalent to limestone can soak up moisture, inflicting algae issues and increasing upkeep. Small tile, resembling mosaics would require extra cleansing, and granite tile tends to stain simply.

Fastening. Some of you have sent in tile backer board set up questions. One of these was…which aspect of the backer board faces out? When looking at the board, the side that faces out is the one with the tapered edges. In our case, this was the facet with the Durock writing on it. Choosing the very best sort of the shower head that you would like to install in your lavatory will be fulfilling experience. Bear in mind that such small models because the bathe heads, has the facility to rework your tile bathe stall into your favourite place at dwelling. I am an avid DIYer with a ardour for making my home a home. I’d love for you to be a part of me on my adventures!

All I can think of as the supply of your earlier drawback was using cement board as flooring. Cement board is designed to wick away moisture, or somewhat provide the means for that moisture to flee. So while you packed your ‘regular mud’ combine, it was wicking out the moisture and preventing an excellent cure. When you added the mortar, you most likely elevated the water ratio, less wicking occured and you ended up with a profitable end result.

Tub Surround, Part 1

Tub Surround, Part 1

Don’t let your transforming budget go over-board by hidden surprises – understand what the average installed prices for Subway Tile Backsplash is in your zip code by using our useful calculator. If you are searching Dream Home for 2018 breakdown for Cost of Subway Tile Backsplash materials and what installation cost is likely to be, you’ve come to the correct place.

The packaging says to make use of about 5 1/2 quarts per bag, however realizing that I wished my mixture to kind a ball without crumbling in my hand I just winged the water thing. So many tutorials say to not add too much water and make it soupy, and that’s right however the plumber mentioned a extra detrimental downside isn’t sufficient water as a result of it will not bind. It form of appears to be like like wet seashore sand when it is prepared.

Once a waterproofing system is in place, you’ll be able to return to the basic features of installing tile: utilizing proper setting materials, getting ninety five% protection and achieving plumb and straight traces. When selecting setting merchandise, confirm that they are going to work with each the type of tile being used and the waterproofing system. For instance, mastics will not be acceptable for bonding tile to membranes. Normally, in a shower installation, you will need to make use of a modified bond mortar ; nonetheless some uncoupling membrane manufacturers require unmodified mortars When potential, try to use the identical producer’s supplies for all steps of the set up. Having one point of contact for all installation supplies simplifies matters ought to any issues come up.

Note that for extra power in this case, I put some giant four″ screws into the floor at each joint, and ran some steel reinforcing wire along the length of the shape’s middle, to create extra tensile energy (and thus crack resistance) within the completed kind. This isn’t normally necessary, I just discover it actually enjoyable to make sturdy concrete things. The black material at the bottom is roofing paper – simply to isolate the concrete from the plywood so the moisture from the wet concrete would not wick out into the floor. A common good practice for concrete over wood.

I actually have a question or two in addition to Gary’s comply with up to additionally help protect your new shower funding. In the primary put up and the primary picture, what is the black stuff on the wall and wood? If that is mold he ought to at the least spray bleach or a like chemical to try and kill the mildew before masking the wall again up. Second to this what is he doing by putting in a new wall on prime of studs (vertical wooden) which are facing flat (fallacious course). I know these are authentic, but that is not an appropriate structural utility for a bathe wall. If he plans to do one thing to reinforce these flat studs then that might go, but when he would not that won’t be a powerful enough floor for many types of tile.

One of probably the most dramatic DIY projects homeowner’s can do themselves is tile work. It’s relatively reasonably priced, there are tons of options at any home enchancment store, and we all Living Room Furniture know that tile seems to make or break a room. But truthfully? We hadn’t tiled anything earlier than, effectively because, the considered mastic, leveling, and grouting seemed actually overwhelming.

2018 Install A Tile Backsplash Costs

2018 Install A Tile Backsplash Costs

In part three of this toilet remodel series, we lined tips for making mandatory plumbing alterations. Get ready to tackle constructing your custom tile shower.

The instruments required for tile backer board installation embrace: utility knife, straight edge (stage or T-sq.), screw gun/drill driver with phillips bit, tape measure, marker, dust mask, mesh tape and float. You can use electric instruments to cut the backer board however when you do, be sure you use personal protecting breathing tools. The silica dust created when slicing may cause lung cancer.

Cut whole tiles in half for the staggered design of a basic white subway tile installation. By reducing them in half forward of time, you make sure that you get two exact 1/2 tiles with one cut which helps you keep Dining Room Set your tiling lined up exactly as you work your means throughout the wall. You need to use as many full and half tiles as potential and keep away from little bits of tile for essentially the most clean and professional look.

Cut out the vinyl liner for the drain with a utility knife, reducing simply exterior of the bolt holes. Run a bead of silicone caulk around the outer fringe of the flange, then bolt down the top half of the drain meeting. Cover the top of the drain with duct tape to protect it during installation of the mortar bed and tiling. In the unique bathe building, the builder used an open frame Kitchen Renovation for the dam and it didn’t properly assist the shower pan membrane partially leading to its eventual failure. Repeat the above course of for facet walls. Mark outside tile lines on walls that will not be completely tiled with a purpose to spread adhesive.

How To Install Tile Backsplash (DIY Kitchen Ideas)

How To Install Tile Backsplash (DIY Kitchen Ideas)

As the Owner of Master Tile and Remodeling I am dedicated to providing you with an expert tile set up. Before we start any mission we will offer you a Free Estimate. During this visit and following we are going to work collectively to comprehend the vision you might have for your tile set up venture. We serve Augusta, Martinez, Evans, North Augusta, Aiken, SC and all the CSRA. Call me, Brandon Howard at 706-414-1700 at present on your free estimate.

If you’re working with new drywall, there’s no have to tape the drywall joints. Seal the walls with a skim coat and let it dry totally. Sand with a medium-grit sandpaper to create a uniform surface that is not too smooth. You want the tile adhesive to have one thing Dream Home to grab onto. Thoroughly vacuum the area and provides the wall a once-over with a humid sponge or cleansing cloth. Allow the world to thoroughly dry before starting tile set up.

I ask all of this as a result of I’m about to embark on a significant bathe rework as a result of the one in our current 12-12 months old townhouse is experiencing main grout separation (In anticipation of a shower gut job, I’ve caulked all cracks in an ugly method to cease water from getting where it should not). This specific bathe is on the third floor of our townhouse, so I don’t know if it’s the settling of the building inflicting this or what – the key gaps are occurring on the tile that’s on the get together wall only, not the partitions that run perpendicular to the social gathering wall).

Ceramic – Ceramic is pretty cheap. A fundamental tile with no sample costs about $1.seventy six per sq. foot. Ceramic is low maintenance and sturdy, but it’s troublesome to put in by yourself. Ceramic tile ought to typically be installed by a professional. Caulking adjustments all the things! There were a pair areas the place I was nervous how it might look ultimately, however caulk hid just about all imperfections. Can’t install a kitchen backsplash (or any backsplash) with out it!

When the tile is dry, often a minimum of overnight, you can begin making use of the grout. With a rubber grout float, press the grout in opposition to the tile and push it throughout the surface. The float must Home Goods be at a forty five-degree angle to the floor and will transfer in a direction that’s at a 45-diploma angle to the grout traces. This prevents the perimeters from catching in the grooves and digging out the grout.

I did a very comparable tile bathe in my basement 2 years in the past. The complete thing price less than $400 total in materials and it is the nicest bathe in our house. Can’t wait to do an oversized one in our master. I used the previous technique for the sloped base, I’m excited to check out Redguard or Aquaguard as a substitute, thanks for the tip. Installing overhead garage storage is a good way to gain cupboard space while sacrificing zero floor house. Learn how.

Installing Mosaic Tile

Installing Mosaic Tile

Since a tile tub or bathe surround will get wet, it requires a waterproof backing, quite than Bathroom Remodel just drywall. Here are the steps involved in preparing tub or shower walls for tile.

Editor’s Tip: To hold the first row (and all that comply with) degree, tack a 1x batten to the backerboard one full tile width above the tub. Cover the tub with heavy paper to guard it from injury it’d incur as you tile the wall. Since he already began up the wall for the final foot or so he could just run the RedGuard up the wall. We just did a bathroom like that, so now I’ve acquired waterproofing on the wall accomplished both methods – one with the old school 6 mil poly sheet. We bought the tiles at the same time as the kitchen, after which my joiner put in the kitchen cabinets at the right top to suit the tiles with out having to chop them! So the height of the cupboards completely matches the tiles.

For this undertaking I used Durock underlayment. I made sure to screw the Durock to the framing as specified. Next I sealed all the joints with silicone caulk first. Then I used special tape made by Durock and thinset to seal all of the joints. I used my scissors to cut the tilemat and that labored out great. The front Home Design facet is all grids, so it’s easy to chop a straight line. Tiles look great! The company makes a very good effort to guard the product from damage. Out of 50 sheets, we discovered three that had small splits on the tile… not bad.

Backsplashes are a vital a part of your kitchen and loo. As properly as protecting your wall from moisture harm, they are often a pretty accent and even a focus of the room. Professionally put in or DIY, it is up to you ways much of a splash to make along with your backsplash. Cut the lath with a pair of tin snips and lay it on high of the membrane. Be very careful reducing and fitting the lath. Avoid strolling on the lath. Its sharp edges can puncture your waterproof membrane. Using the chalk strains as a information, the installer will start making use of the thinset in one part at a time.