Down To Earth (3)

Down To Earth (3)

The ONLY Bathroom Renovation Firm in WA that styles and shows your bathroom in Realistic 3D Just before you acquire.

Picking your bathroom fixtures and finishes is the fascinating portion – they decide how your bathroom will appear and feel. But, along with trying out the fixtures in the showroom and checking the finishes in person just before you acquire them, it really is critical to verify they comply with Australian requirements.

Latand have been helping customers with their Bathroom remodeling techniques for over 30 years. We have excellent renovation concepts to create the best outcome for you. Our friendly staff will guarantee your bathroom building is completed to the highest level of workmanship, leaving you with the ideal new design and style.

Our fully licensed and qualified team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge and knowledge and will guide you, and assist you, with every single aspect of your bathroom renovation. All of our trade’s folks are also highly respectful of your family, your belongings, your property, your security, your comfort and your neighbours for the duration of any bathroom renovation method.

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A current survey from Better Houses & Gardens found that 31% of property owners tagged a bathroom as their subsequent remodeling priority. That implies a fresh and up-to-date bath—especially master bath—is probably to greatest support the marketplace worth of your home.

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