Helpful tips to save you money now that you own your own home

Helpful tips to save you money now that you own your own home

Congrats! You have finally done it! Being a homeowner is a huge step in life. It may seem like the heavy lifting is done, but if you are not careful you can start spending money quicker than you would think. Consider some of these helpful tips to save money now that you are a homeowner to help you save as much money as possible and keep those hard earned dollars in your wallet and in your bank account.

Consider changing your cell phone plan to a landline or cheaper phone plan

Now that you are settled in your new home you should consider getting a landline. Most landlines run around seven to twelve dollars a month. This is a huge improvement compared to the cell phone bill you are likely getting. Another good option is to investigate internet phones. Many companies offer phone service for less than twenty dollars a month that piggy backs off of your internet. If neither of these options works for your specific circumstances consider investigating a cheaper cell phone plan. Straight Talk is a great place to start when thinking about a new cell phone plan.

Consider investing in a new set of windows to reduce costs on energy bills

Many older houses may have older windows in them. While these windows likely add an admirable character to the house they are likely losing much of your expensive, much needed heat. The addition of new windows can drive your energy and heating costs down hundreds of dollars per month and save you thousands of dollars per year.

Consider subletting a room in your house

If you have a large house or a room that you aren’t using, consider renting it to another person in need of lodging. Many people have been able to pay a large chunk of their mortgage by renting it to another person. A thorough vetting process is recommended if you go this route, as there is nothing worse than a bad roommate. Consider subletting a room to save money.

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