Moving Businesses

Moving Businesses

In an earlier post , I wrote about the various stages of the real estate journey and the various kinds of accomodation.

I lived in Karlsruhe 1954 to 1956. My Father was on the Rhine River Patrol. I truly keep in mind Paul Revere Village. I also keep in mind riding our bikes in bomb holes in the woods and getting chased by German kids on slower bikes! The pictures on this website are a true flash back. Thank you!

hmcclure, Thank you so considerably for coming back and leaving a comment. Brats are diverse that is for sure. I hated state side schools. I was in no way lost in our school in Karlsruhe but I was constantly lost in the new schools stateside. Just way to large.

And yet another time we had a cross that was hung up in my grandmas area so my aunt wet to the bathroom came out to uncover that the cross that was hung up was laying on the bed with the fone on the bed off the hook laying on the bed as well an additional time I was in my grandmas space with my aunt n my aunts buddy properly the 3 of us was speaking the curtains moved like there was a gussed of wind but I was like hell in the hell did the curtains move if the back door was closed n lock if the window was closed n locked n the bathroom window was closed n locked as effectively n it was night time to.

One other time I had constantly locked my door so my small cousin wouldn’t go in my space n mess with none of my stuff so I go to my door to unlock it n I heard like knocking sounds n like an individual was like kicking my door at the other end n I no darn properly my room was empty like there was nobody at the other finish so when I opened it no one was there at all.

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