Moving Companies (2)

Moving Companies (2)

There’s some thing magical about staring up at the roof of a grain bin…practically like a cathedral. That is the lifting ring in the center, nearly like a chandelier – an old rim, a bit larger than the hole.

Awesome hub and that video the dudes crazy or was packing anti-venom for insurance and soon after the photo shoot I would have killed it by way of 12 gauge blowing off it really is head and skinned it then later cooked it and if it was a tasty as a rattler, there was enough meat there for a handful of to eat well. My guess at least 30 pounds of snake just before killing it and an amazing wall hanging of a stretched out skin.

Somebody recommended putting a glass of water in every corner of my apartment. I did more investigation on the fire that took spot on the house 40 years ago. The was a forced explosed that propelled the firemen and caused the wall to collapse on them. The article talks about attempting to recover the remains. This was an all voulunteer fire dept. and the a single name that I felt connected to was that of a tavern owner, whom was 46 at the time and Chief of the FD. I do not really feel there is any thing malicious and that would clarify hearing the ’40’s music, the identical tune, all the time. Music from the tavern. I also know the bowling alley had a cocktail lounge It was established in the late forty’s or early fifty’s.

Now as for me, I am strangely attached to this one particular haunted lighthouse to the point that I’m obsessed with it lol I went there in 5th grade on a field trip and some how just connected with it ever since then I’ve been obtaining reoccuring dreams of the lighthouse and its ghost, I also have collectibles of this just so weird how I all of a sudden connected to this place.I feel like one thing keeps beckoning me to go back there.

I’m also in a equivalent circumstance. I turn 19 next week and i’m going to be moving out subsequent year to reside with my fiancé and go to University. I’m so scared that I will be away from my family who I am incredibly close to, particularly my three year old sister. I never know how I will cope with out my family about me.

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