Collis Roofing is one particular 2015’s largest roofing contractors in Florida serving a wide array of home improvement solutions, new construction and commercial requirements.

We are really pleased with the item, service, and workmanship, but we are specifically appreciative of how excellent the crew has been in ensuring the place is swept clean of debris and nails. I do not think we’ve ever knowledgeable functioning with a business who took such cautious measures. Your guys had been excellent!

Wood shingle , shingles sawn from bolts of wood such as red cedar which has a life expectancy of up to 30 years. Nevertheless, young development red cedar has a short life expectancy and higher expense. Also in the eastern United States white cedar and some hardwoods which were very durable roofing identified in Colonial Australian and American colonial architecture , its use is now limited to creating restoration All wood shingles advantage by becoming allowed to breathe (dry out from under).

Soon after a heavy rain storm, it was reported that water was leaking by way of the roof. I had our complete roof resurfaced two years ago, and I knew the minute I heard water was leaking in via the roof, that it could not be correct, mostly due to the fact of the trust and self-assurance I have in Shea Roofing following meeting each owners, Bill & Ken, as well as watching the function be accomplished in the most expert manner feasible. Soon after barely two years, there was no way it was the roof leaking. I was right according to what Ken himself found was the issue.

Bill came out to take a appear and not only did he walk all around the roof himself to inspect, but he actually sounded like he knew firsthand what he was speaking about! Moreover, he worked with many brands of shingles and presented to us the pros and cons of each and every one, so we could choose. And importantly, Shea used the prime top quality underlayment (a reality confirmed elsewhere).

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