Three Things You Can Do to Be Productive This Week

Three Things You Can Do to Be Productive This Week

Aside from weight loss and fitness goals, an increase in productivity is the most made resolution every New Year. However, like other resolutions, this one is often left in the dust, but there are ways you can increase your weekly productivity now. No need to wait to make yourself a promise in the New Year.

Read up on the following article get an idea of how you can be productive throughout each week.

Make a Literal List of the Things You Have to Do in a Week, Then Make Another List of the Things You WANT to Do

What do you have to do this week? Clean the garage, take out the trash, call a moving company Jacksonville FL for your move in a few months, and mop the bathroom floors? Write it down. What do you want to do? Get a pedicure, catch up on a television show, and go out for a drink with your best friend? Write that down too. Now pair up these lists to make a chore and rewards chart for yourself. If you do this, then you can do this—and so on. Juvenile? Perhaps. Effective? You bet.

Make Your Mornings or Late Nights a Chance to Focus on Yourself with Meditation and You Time

Your mornings and late nights are the best YOU time that you can get because, more than likely, everyone else in your household is asleep or off doing their own things. So, revel in the time you have alone. You can either meditate in the traditional way, like deep breathing and yoga. Or you can take the peaceful route of simply sitting down with a cup of coffee or wine and letting your nerves unwind.

Complete the Most Challenging Tasks Before You Hit the Dreaded Mid-Day Slumps

One of the best ways to tackle being productive is to plan everything you HAVE to do for the early mornings. Use your post-sleep energy to get everything you need to get done finished before you’re hit with the dreaded mid-day slump. That way when those sleepy feelings come around, you can take a nap and not have to worry about what you did and didn’t accomplish. Guilt-free naptimes are the best.

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